About Gianna

Gianna is a Registered Nurse & graduate of Western Illinois University, earning her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. During this time, she developed a passion for fitness & nutrition. This led to MissFit Nutrition Co., a company focused on improving nutritional habits, confidence, & life! She is also a Certified Physical Preparation Specialist, focused on providing safe & effective training methods. MissFit Nutrition represents Self Love & empowerment; aiming to motivate each & every person to improve their quality of life the MissFit way

What is the 6-Week Challenge?

The MissFit 6 Week Challenge is 6 Weeks of custom menus, guidance, & accountability. These challenges are specially hosted throughout the year as a group, or you can choose to take on the Challenge solo & begin anytime! 

You’ll receive menus (much like the Sample Download!) weekly, accompanied with a Grocery List pertaining to the week. The Sample Download is just 1 menu of 42!

From there, you’ll begin your journey, follow each step in preparation for the week, & check-in weekly to ensure we’re making your desired progress! 

  • You’ll learn how to substitute food to make it fit in your menus (I even send a substitution guide and a VIDEO TUTORIAL on how to do so!) 
  • You’ll learn how easy it is to eat healthy once you get a taste of MissFit’s creative recipes.
  • You’ll learn how many calories and specific macronutrients that work with YOUR BODY (you’ll even learn what calories and macronutrients ARE if you don’t already! 😉
  • You’ll be able to make the right decisions when traveling & dining out

The biggest key is that you are not alone. You have my SUPPORT and my EXPERIENCE, along with dozens of others old and new to MissFit!

The best diet is one that you can stick to, not one that causes you to lose and gain the same 10 pounds over and over again. 

MissFit will give you the lifestyle change you NEED for sustainable RESULTS! 


Real People, Real Results

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