Hi, I'm Gianna.

It’s time to start eating right and reach your fitness and weight loss goals the right way.


Are you new to counting Macronutrients, or “Macros”, and having trouble understanding how much of what food to consume for your goal & body type?


Are you struggling with that stubborn “5-10lbs”,
diet restrictions, or your general health?


Do you want to provide your family with a healthier lifestyle but struggle creating family-friendly and kid-approved meals?


Do you lack the accountability and self control to stick to a “diet”?


Do you want to look and feel your best, have the energy to take on life, and gain the confidence you’ve been missing?
Well, you are in the right place.
After completing the 6 Week MissFit Nutrition Challenge, you will have the tools to live a long & healthy life.

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Together we will define goals and create the perfect nutrition program for you.

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With 42 daily menus, you’ll learn what and how much to eat
to achieve your goals.

Follow the Plan

With support and accountability, you will develop a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

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What are they saying about MissFit?
I ran into a friend at work today and she was surprised at how I looked. She asked me what I was doing and I told her I’m actually eating healthy for the first time. She didn’t believe me! Maria Santoyo

Just doing this program and improving your health is a win! Changes are small and slow! I am normally super negative about everything and MissFit has made me realize celebrating tiny changes are important to success! Nicole Nazos

Get VIP access to the MissFit private Facebook group for support, monthly challenges, giveaways, and much much more! Meet and interact with other amazing MissFit Members of all ages, backgrounds, health conditions and goals. You can choose to do your program on your own, or you can have fun along the way, be engaged, and make your goals a reality!
Over the past year I’ve done over 3 challenges and I’m learning that it’s really all about  self -accountability! Support helps, but no matter what we have to exercise control! Thank you MissFit because I feel more than ever I am implementing a lifestyle change, not just a 6 week change! Selma Sisic

I struggle to lose and gain over and over… LIFE IS HARD and THINGS HAPPEN, but focus on the small victories… NOT FEELING BLOATED all the time, knowing that your insides are thanking you for not dumping garbage into them all the time. NO ONE BODY IS THE SAME!! I have pictures from my before and after on one of my challenges that I poured 150% into. I felt so much better! TRUST HER PROCESS! Andrea Thomas

I wanted to share my transformation, because I’m very proud of it, and I’ve worked soooo hard! I was a little embarassed to do so, but then said, screw it, I’ve come a long way! And today I’m still continuing my healthy and active lifestyle. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been!! I’ve lost weight, toned dramatically and have abs! Thank you Gianna for this wonderful program, I’m so happy I joined! Carmella Lucarelli

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Define your goals and I will help create the right program for you.

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Ditch the burrito in favor of this recipe which contains over 65% less fat.

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Salads don’t have to taste bland, give this one a try.

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